Extreme Weather Photos Of The Week

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Green – The Huffington Post
Extreme Weather Photos Of The Week
This week brought several big headlines in extreme weather news:

Hurricane Raymond forced hundreds in Mexico to evacuate.
Don’t count on your cell phone the next time a major hurricane hits.
Some researchers say dust from the Sahara Desert could be affecting the 2013 hurricane season.
Australia’s raging bush fires intensified, worrying authorities.
Exhausted firefighters have been sleeping wherever they can, even next to fires.

Check out photos of the week’s extreme weather from around the world:

Good News – The Huffington Post
Animal Photos Of The Week: Time For Animal Halloween
Some of the most popular animal stories from the last week include:

Indonesia’s capital banned monkey street performances.
The University of Hawaii has begun research to analyze the growing number of shark attacks around Maui.
The FDA proposed new pet food safety rules after a series of animal deaths.
Stellar sea lions were removed from NOAA’s “threatened” species list.
Hundreds of new species were found in the Amazon rain forest.

Click here to read more about what’s happening in the animal kingdom, and check out the newest and best animal photos below:


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