Quick-Thinking Monk Foils Would-Be Buddhist Center Robber

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Good News – The Huffington Post
Quick-Thinking Monk Foils Would-Be Buddhist Center Robber
Note to would-be robbers of Buddhist centers: Not only is it undoubtedly awful for your karma, but the odds are awfully small that you’ll outwit the Monks, who have spent years practicing mindfulness.

Such is the case for an unnamed man in North Carolina, who attempted to rob 58-year-old Somsak Sambib, a monk at the Greensboro Buddhist Center. The man entered the building just after 2:00 a.m. Wednesday, then threatened Sambib with a gun and demanded money, reports local Fox affiliate WGHP.

Being a monk, Sambib wasn’t exactly flush with cash, nor did he have any other valuables on him. Still, facing continued threats, the monk told area news outlet WXII that he convinced the robber he could find some cash upstairs and led the way.

Once upstairs, he called out to another monk in a separate room via their native, non-English language, warning him a robber was outside and asking to him to quickly open his door. When the monk opened up, Sambib sneaked in, then quickly closed and locked the door.

With the robber trapped outside, the two monks called 911, and the would-be bandit fled.

Per WFMY, the man also left empty-handed.


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