Mediterranean diet counteracts a genetic risk of stroke

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ScienceDaily: Dieting and Weight Control News
Mediterranean diet counteracts a genetic risk of stroke
A gene variant strongly associated with development of type 2 diabetes appears to interact with a Mediterranean diet pattern to prevent stroke, report researchers. The results are a significant advance for nutrigenomics, the study of the linkages between nutrition and gene function.

Good News – The Huffington Post
International Fund For Animal Welfare Team Frees Entangled Seal From Buoy Line
We can’t all be rescuing adorable sea creatures from fishing traps on the daily, but it warms our hearts to know that there are people out there who can.

For the International Fund for Animal Welfare team, saving animals in distress is just another day on the job. So when a seal got caught in a buoy in the Pleasant Bay area of Chatham on Cape Cod, they swooped in to the rescue.

The seal had somehow gotten the buoy line wrapped around its neck, but thanks to the IFAW crew, it was freed without lacerations or apparent injuries.

Watch just how they did it in the video above, and to learn more about their efforts, click here.


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