Death-Defying Parkour Stunts Will Have You On Edge

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GPS for the Soul – The Huffington Post
Death-Defying Parkour Stunts Will Have You On Edge
“Do not try this without training,” the video warns.

After watching the death-defying parkour stunts, we can guarantee we won’t.

Russian gymnast and freerunner, Alexander Rusinov, tempts fate on some of the highest buildings he can find. While Alexander has had some very specialized training, not even his incredible strength can make those high-flying acts look easy.

Alexander’s translated video description reads: “Once again I have overcome my fears. I have taken my victory over these wildly conceived ideas, and have brought them to life. This is my life and I have once again proven that I can trust in myself and my own strength.”

As much as this video made us nauseous, we secretly can’t wait for the next one from Alexander and Dangerous Games 3.

Good News – The Huffington Post
String Theory Performs Cello Cover Of ‘Applause’ By Lady Gaga (VIDEO)
While an amazing variety of subjects will likely come to mind when pondering all that is Lady Gaga, from music to fashion to causes to controversy and so much more, cellos were probably nowhere near the top of that list… until now!

String Theory has taken the musical diva’s hit song “Applause” and given it a classical treatment with five cellos. Click play on the video above to take in some pop-made-classical culture today with a rendition that even Bach would likely applaud.

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