Even Ecology Gives Way to Technology and Greed

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Green – The Huffington Post
Even Ecology Gives Way to Technology and Greed
Recently I was in a large chain store, purchasing my usual array of personal items, along with a Snickers bar and some Scotch tape. As the cashier rang up my items, I watched as she loaded everything into a white plastic bag, and thought to myself “hmm, I thought these things were banned?”

As it turns out, many cities and municipalities are foregoing their own plastic bag bans, in favor of giving in to public response. For a small minority, bringing in their own paper or canvas bags is a more worthwhile solution than dealing with the apparent negative effects of using plastic shopping bags. But for most people, ecology is a time-consuming and expensive proposition. It’s seen as a hassle.

Who can remember the big push to recycle? Everyone was on board with saving aluminum cans, paper and card board, and plastic milk jugs. On trash day you could look down your street and see huge boxes and bags full of recycling waste, ready to be cleaned, processed and reused. It made people feel good about saving the planet (cue white clouds across a blue sky, as a falcon glides by). We were obsessed with anything that could keep our waterways clean, our air smelling fresh, and our streets trash-free.

But, like with any other ideology, technology (and the greed that follows behind it) made ecology a business. All of the sudden there were costs and profits involved. Companies were leveraging the large amounts of recycling waste material, and recognizing that someone somewhere would pay good money for this stuff. Recycling was no longer about saving mother Earth — it was about how much money a company could made processing other people’s garbage. Even smog became a commodity, with the term “carbon footprint” becoming a profit buzzword. Who would have thought that pollution would become a multi-million dollar industry, with corporations paying huge sums of money to “offset their carbon footprint”?

Ecology was and is supposed to be about improving our world, reducing the amount of trash we as humans generate and the amount of pollution we put into the air. As more and more of the world yields to (or joins) capitalism, it becomes apparent that anything and everything that can be turned into money will eventually fall prey (cue same falcon, being captured and sold to a zoo).

Is nothing sacred?

So as I walked back to my pollution-generating car, with my banned white plastic bags full of stuff that will inevitably become trash, I started to wonder if ecology as a movement will ever have a real chance. Until society grasps onto the notion that the Earth is not a renewable commodity, greed will always have the upper hand.

One can only hope that our same society leverages technology, to save us from ourselves.

Good News – The Huffington Post
Teens With Down Syndrome Nominated To Homecoming Court For First Time In Central Florida
When it came time for a Florida high school to nominate a queen and king to homecoming court, many decided to go with a pair whose personalities seem to always brighten up the room.

An overwhelming number of students at West Orange High School decided to go with Bubba Hunter and Semone Adkins, two bubbly and upbeat teens with Down syndrome, News 13 reported. Students and teachers told the news outlet that they appreciate the way the teens bring people together and offer up such positive energy.

“We are not doing this because we feel bad for them or anything like that,” Hayden Griffitts, quarterback of the football team, told News 13. “We are doing this because we genuinely like Bubba and Semone. They [are] high spirited and are nice people.”

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The Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida told the news outlet that this is the first time that teens with Down syndrome have been nominated to homecoming court in the region.

But West Orange High School isn’t the only institution breaking such new ground.

Last fall, Allyssa Brubeck, was the first student with Down syndrome at her Parkville, Mo., high school to be named homecoming queen, Fox 4 News reported.

Allyssa’s mom attributes much of her daughter’s success to the openness of Park Hill South, where she was a cheerleader on the varsity team.

“This school gives the opportunity to have differences and accept you for who you are,” Allyssa’s mom, Cindy Small, told the news outlet. I think Allyssa just fits in and the kids are accepting.”


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