Braco’s silent gaze: a portal into transformation

BRACO’s SILENT GAZE: A Portal into Transformation




Posted on October 9, 2013 by NCReview
by Pamela Bloom
Can full, transformative healing come about in the blink of an eye? Do we need years of therapy to overcome serious physical and emotional abuse issues? Can depression, arthritis, even cancer be dissolved by a simple Silent Gaze? Can a city as big as New York City be transformed–even for a day–into an oasis of peace by just one look?
This is what seems to be occurring in the presence of a 45-year-old man from Croatia who goes by the name of Braco (pronounced Brah-tzo). For the last 19 years, Braco has been offering up a special gift that seems to help people find not only inner strength to deal with life’s problems, but sometimes the full-dimensional solutions to such problems. Once working one on one, starting first with his own homelanders in Croatia and then extending worldwide, Braco has for the last nine years been working only through the medium of his Silent Gaze with groups as large as a thousand. What’s significant is that he does not present himself as a guru, healer or spiritual teacher, nor does he give interviews or speak in public. Yet somehow his Silent Gaze seems to be speaking loud and clear all by itself.
Over the last two and a half years I have been magnetized to travel from city to city to witness the profound effects of Braco’s Gaze. It didn’t matter which city I was in–New York, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Portland, Pasadena, Phoenix, Las Vegas—I heard story after story about profound transformations, not just for the one who was gazing, but for their friends and families as well. A hallmark of the Braco experience is that the audience are also invited to hold up photos of loved ones, and the results are astonishing. I remember one event in New Jersey, where a Spanish-speaking woman said she had come the year before to hold up the photo of her husband, who at the time had been hospitalized with two forms of cancer. Three weeks after she gazed with his photo in front of Braco, her husband was released from the hospital—totally cured. The doctors, she said, were dumfounded.
People readily share their experiences after Braco leaves the stage (he generally gazes about 5-7 minutes per session). I heard stories of back pain and sciatica mysteriously disappearing. I heard stories about people reducing their insulin levels. I heard stories about sight restored. One Polish woman told about a long-time feud between her children and her dead husband’s family, between whom there had been no contact for years. After her first gazing with Braco in Los Angeles, this woman’s sister-in-law called her out of the blue, sobbing and asking for forgiveness.
Some of the most impressive physical healings are shown on video throughout the 35-minute sessions (there are usually about eight sessions per day). One of the most powerful video testimonies I saw was of a young man who had suffered a major stroke and was then immediately hospitalized. Nevertheless, he had had the presence of mind to ask his cousin to bring his laptop to the hospital so he could watch Braco live-streaming his Gaze (Braco’s events are sometimes live-streamed through the computer.) At the time, his doctors had told him he’d probably never speak again, which made his testimony – halting but in crystal clear English–even more impressive. “I think these gazes imprint the love of the divine, ” he said, explaining why gazing touched him so much. “Even though it was live-stream, I still felt the power flow forth.”
But Braco’s gaze seems to go beyond even physical and emotional healing. People have reported unexpected financial windfalls or suddenly getting jobs when they had struggled in the market for years. In Portland, Oregon last year, I witnessed the remarkable story of Blanca Plata, a painter from Mexico, who stunned the audience with her story.
“When I first came from my car yesterday,” she told us, “I felt this immense energy hit me. Then, when I opened the door to the hotel, it felt overwhelming. When Braco came out, the energy was so strong, I started swaying, and when he looked in my eyes, I felt the energy all over my body–hot and cold, all at once.” When Blanca returned home, an even bigger surprise was awaiting her. There, in her email was a letter from one of the top five galleries in New York, saying they loved her work and wanted to represent her. Shaking from head to foot, she told us, “You don’t understand. I have been waiting my whole life for this. Ever since I was seven, I have wanted to be a famous artist. I’ve applied to thousands of galleries, and each time, they said, we love your work but no thanks. Now, with this acceptance, I can support my family and follow my lifelong dream.” Needless to say, the whole audience started crying!
Last November, 2012, invited by the United Nation’s Society of Enlightenment and Transformation (an NGO), Braco offered his Silent Gaze to employees of the U.N. inside the Tillman Chapel in New York City. He was also presented with the prestigious Peace Pole, an honor bestowed upon such luminaries as His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa. Ten days later, a most astonishing event happened. Braco’s photo was flashed three times for several seconds each on the huge Jumbotron screen in Times Square. Later, Reuters, the leading newswire, reported that on that very same day—November 26—New York City had passed a 24-hour period without a single report of a person being shot, stabbed, or subjected to other violent crime.
Commenting for the city, the New York Police Department chief spokesman Paul Browne boasted that it was “the first time in memory” that the city’s police force had experienced a peaceful day.
And this, according to the NYPD, in a year when the city’s general crime rate had already risen 3 percent!
Clearly, only a few thousand people may have casually looked up to see Braco’s magnified face on the screen—one that has broadcast the faces of Time magazine’s Person of the Year as well as many other global celebrities. But the facts are there—no crime. Was it Braco’s Gaze? Or, was it merely a coincidence in a world where mysterious, but impactful coincidences interface with our lives every day?
Perhaps, only an up-close and personal experience of Braco’s Silent Gaze can decide that for you.
Braco’s gazing schedule can be found at (U.S.) and (European). Braco will be offering his Silent Gaze live in Portland, Oregon Oct. 19-20; Denver Oct 23-24; Boise, Idaho Oct. 26-27; Chicago Oct. 29-30; and New York Nov. 1-3.
PAMELA BLOOM is an award-winning author, sound healer and inspirational speaker whose articles have appeared in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, among others. She is also the author of “The Power of Compassion: Stories that Open the Heart, Heal the World and Change the World” and “Heaven Speaks: Intimate interviews with Illuminated Souls” with Carla Flack (both available at
Her website is:

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