The 7 Best Things To Spend Money On Before You Hit 50 ??? Well, one idea. What would you say?

This is an interesting list. It certainly does not fit all. Some are downsizing and seeking to live smaller. What do you see as important to you?  This is not my list, but I respect the author. What is important to you. What would you tell others are the 7 Best things. 
 Many now have been hit severely by the economy. This storm has provided an opportunity to re evaluate all the priorities in life. The poet Rumi said “God take all from me that keeps me from seeing you”.   
Then, on one end of the spectrum, we can be all clogged up with the expectations cast on to us by other’s values. Then, on the other end of the spectrum is our own false humility and suffering: when do we avoid eating, going, doing, or having something nice because of our own internal low esteem, false humility, and need to suffer….being a martyr?  Only you know deep inside you what fits for you, what is destined, and what makes you stretch and be creative.
It seems that whatever it is, we let go of something from the ego and must let the soul live:
the person trapped with the material must let go to find the soul
the person trapped with false humility must find entitlement to find the soul
One person must let go of the 3d TV they have if it’s in the way, and another must allow the 3d TV to arrive if they are overcoming a martyr and suffering complex. We leave the ego and allow the soul to breath.
 There is lots and lots of talk about bucket lists and such.  Please add your 7 things below. 
 Further, can the things that are important to be had by 50 actually be bought?  
Here are some of my goals, and they aren’t tied into much material
1. to have spiritually inspiring dvd’s on hand, even if they can be found free or for a couple bucks
2. visit temples of Southern India and understand the symbolism found there
3. visit the the Rumi’s museums in Turkey and explore his love of God
4. see my rescue animals have safety and leave the trauma in their minds
5. to see the sun rise and set often
6. to comfort those who suffer silently or discounted by others, especially the marginalized
7.  to grow,learn, and create daily. 
I am posting articles now with Midge.
Charles Bunch, Ph.D.  
clinical therapist in Boise
The 7 Best Things To Spend Money On Before You Hit 50

From Huffingtonpost 50

We all know that money can’t buy us happiness, right? Even accepting that idea as gospel, there are some things that we are mighty happy we spent our money on. Here are seven that come to mind, and readers, please add your own ideas in the comments section below.

1) An around-the-world airline pass.

2) A washing machine and clothes dryer.

3) A house.

4) Charity.

5) Safe cars.

6) A designer handbag.

“Right,” you are thinking, “She’s going to say something about how great it is to overspend.” So let me just say, yes it is actually great to overspend once in awhile. And it’s also OK to overspend on yourself. I think we do too little of it. Splurging on yourself — I’m not suggesting doing this all the time — is a kind of self-validation. I bought an overpriced designer handbag years ago that I still carry. I love it. I look at it and it makes me feel good. Self-indulgence, done in moderation, is a big exclamation point in most of our lives. So, self-indulge once in a while. It truly feels good.

a designer purse

7) A good pair of hiking boots.

Earlier on Huff/Post50:

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