SXSW Eco Panel Highlights Media’s Climate Change Coverage, Or Lack Thereof (VIDEO)

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Green – The Huffington Post
SXSW Eco Panel Highlights Media’s Climate Change Coverage, Or Lack Thereof (VIDEO)
How can the media do a better job reporting on the rapidly growing problem of climate change? Some of the country’s leading climate journalists are coming together at this year’s SXSW Eco festival in Austin, Texas to try and answer that question.

John Metcalfe (The Atlantic Cities), Kiera Butler (Mother Jones), Suzanne Goldenberg (The Guardian), Phil Plait (Slate) and HuffPost’s Kate Sheppard will join moderator Chris Mooney to discuss the current state of climate change coverage in the media, or lack thereof, as the Obama administration ramps up discussion of the global issue and news outlets paradoxically scale back environmental coverage.

Take a look at the live feed above, and tweet us @HuffPostGreen with your thoughts on the state of climate change coverage.

Enbridge Pipeline Should Pump Butter, Not Bitumen (VIDEO)
According to satirical video group Deep Rogue Ram, Enbridge is committed to building a “butter pipeline.”

In a video posted to YouTube on Oct. 6, Deep Rogue Ram makes fun of Enbridge’s new “Open to Better” pipeline ad campaign. Replacing the word “better” with “butter” at every possible turn, “Building A Butter Pipeline” shows the many uses for “the butter kind” of butter.

The “Open to Better” campaign covers TV, radio, and print, and focuses on Janet Holder, the Prince George executive in charge of the Northern Gateway Pipeline, instead of Enbridge itself, The Vancouver Sun noted. Coastal First Nations executive director Art Sterritt told the newspaper that the campaign is a “last gasp” by Enbridge to gain support for the pipeline project.

Deep Rogue Ram’s hilarious spoof goes so far to create a “Butter Pipeline” website that promotes “smothering our coastline with world-class environmental safeguards.” Site visitors are also encouraged to vote on whether or not the Northern Gateway should carry butter instead of bitumen.

So: which is the butter way to go?


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