Pets In Costume Are Infinitely Better Than Humans In Costume, Because Duh

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Green – The Huffington Post
Pets In Costume Are Infinitely Better Than Humans In Costume, Because Duh
With Halloween approaching comes the annual struggle of what costume to choose. Not for you, silly, for your pet!

Because pets in costume > humans in costumes.

[H/T Tastefully Offensive]

Good News – The Huffington Post
‘Top Gear’ Star Grants 8-Year-Old’s Wish To Ride In A Pink Lamborghini
September 29th was no ordinary day for 8-year-old Emilia Palmer from Leominster, U.K. She took a ride in a custom pink Lamborghini driven by “Top Gear” star Richard Hammond.

Emilia was diagnosed with a rare lung condition after a cough led to pneumonia two years ago, local newspaper the Shropshire Star reports.

The little girl had one wish, so her mom contacted British children’s charity Rays of Sunshine to make it come true. According to their website, Emilia loves fast cars and the color pink. So, a white Lamborghini was spray painted pink and soon, Richard Hammond was on his way to take Emilia — wearing a pink race suit — for a spin.

Emilia’s mother, Rachel, expressed her gratitude in a video produced by the charity. “I know it hasn’t been easy to arrange this, because there wasn’t a pink Lamborghini a week ago,” she said.

Watch the heartwarming video above (but make sure there are some tissues nearby).

Via Jalopnik


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