Gowns And Gloves For Hospital Workers Could Cut MRSA Rates

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Healthy Living – The Huffington Post
Gowns And Gloves For Hospital Workers Could Cut MRSA Rates
Hospital workers wearing gowns and gloves for contact with all patients could help lower the risk of patients acquiring some antibiotic-resistant bacteria, a new study suggests.

Researchers found that when health-care workers wore gowns and gloves when entering all intensive care unit patient rooms — and not just those with patients known to be infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria — the risk of acquisition of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria (MRSA) went down.

However, there was no reduction in the rate of acquisition of MRSA and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus, another kind of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Right now, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines only recommend gowns and gloves be worn by health-care workers when working with patients with antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and the Yale New Haven Health System Center for Healthcare Solutions, is published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

“Infection control studies such as this are important to advance the science and lead to important discoveries that can decrease health care-associated infections,” study researcher Daniel J. Morgan, M.D., M.S., an assistant professor of epidemiology and public health at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, said in a statement. “In conjunction with the evolution of hospital cleaning practices, increased handwashing frequency and other measures, patients in hospitals can be safer than they’ve ever been from HAIs [healthcare-associated infections].”

The study is based on data from 92,241 swabs taken from 26,180 patients who spent time in one of 20 medical or surgical intensive care units in 15 states at some point during a nine-month period in 2012. ICUs that took part in the study were randomly assigned to either have all healthcare workers wear gowns and gloves for contact with all patients, or to have all healthcare workers wear gowns and gloves only when having contact with patients infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

While the researchers did not find a statistically significant decrease in rate of acquisition of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus, an antibiotic-resistant bacteria, in the intervention group, they did find fewer acquisitions of MRSA in the intervention group. However, they noted that this finding “requires replication before reaching definitive conclusions.” They also found that rates of handwashing among healthcare workers after leaving patient rooms went up.

In a related editorial, Preeti N. Malani, M.D., MSJ., of the University of Michigan Health System and Veterans Affairs Ann Arbor Healthcare System, wrote: “Although the results of Harris et al failed to demonstrate an overall benefit of universal use of gloves and gowns to reduce acquisition of MRSA or VRE, this approach may be worth considering in some high-risk settings such as surgical ICUs wherein MRSA transmission is high among patients with newly implanted medical devices. If implemented, gloving and gowning should be just part of an overall strategy that includes efforts to optimize hand hygiene and prudent use of antimicrobials.”

GPS for the Soul – The Huffington Post
What’s Your Polarity?
In the last few months I have dedicated a great deal of time to studying in great depth what is known as The Law of One. A wonderful piece of work captured by the joint efforts of Don Elkins Ph.D., Carla Rueckert, and Jim McCarty. The data is not only fascinating but, surprisingly enough, universally understood. All of life follows this most basic of principles in an effort to harmonize and prolong the pattern of creation.

Within this philosophy, one of the aspects most captivating to me was the concept of polarity. The simplest way of defining polarity would be to describe its nature. In the positive polarity, energy strives for expansion; while in the negative polarity energy gravitates into contraction. Each in direct opposition, yet interdependent upon the other to some extent, much like the workings of contrast between light and darkness in photography. Imagine shooting a photo into a dark room. Can you capture any image if not with the assistance of a flash? Similarly, an overexposed photo containing too much light will wash an image and render it virtually nonexistent.

One might ask: How does this apply to me in daily life?

To answer this question let’s begin by reorienting our focus to the most fundamental of human experiences: relationships. Throughout your unique lifetime, what has been the one method in which you acquired the greatest understanding of yourself? Relationships have a way of holding the mirror up to our face and aiding in the reflection of our true identity. Is it possible to say that some of the hardest lessons were directly linked to the experience with “other self?” Notice I did not use the term “other people”. In the Law of One philosophy, others (out there) are no different than oneself (in here). However rare they might be, we all share the same essence, the light of the one infinite creator. The notion of “separation” stems from a contractive or negative polarity. By its very nature this polarity feels the need for distinction in order to curtail its energy as it considers it in short supply. Self-preservation becomes the automatic mode via “service to self,” a kind of sequestration from the true human experience known as love.

To better understand the idea of unity vs. separation, one must consider the nature of reality as an organic aspect of the veil, which some understand as the “illusion” of the mind. Here is wonderful explanation I found in the book, The Nature of Personal Reality channeled by Jane Roberts from an entity by the name of Seth.

Exterior events, circumstances and condition are meant as a kind of living feedback…

Your feelings have electromagnetic realities that rise outward, affecting the atmosphere itself. They group through attraction, building up areas of events and circumstances that finally coalesce, so to speak, either in matter as objects — or as events in “time.”

Some feelings and thoughts are translated into structures that you call objective; these exist, in your terms, in a medium you call “space.” Others are translated into psychological structures called events, that seem to exist in a medium called “time.”

Space and time are both a root assumption, which simply means that man accepts both, and assumes that his reality is rooted in a series of moments and dimensions of space. So your inner experience is translated in those terms.

Even the duration of an event or object in space or time is determined by the intensity of the thoughts or emotions that gave it birth. Duration in space is not the same as duration in time, however though it may seem that this is the case. I am speaking in your terms now. An event or object that exist briefly in space may have a much greater duration in your memory, for example, long after it has disappeared in space. Such an event or object does not merely exist symbolically within your mind or memory — but in your terms its actual reality continues as time event.

In other words, Seth is pointing out that the mental construct we give to events in “time” take up part of our “space” by the mere continuum of that energy in our thought. This is the space where “resentments” reside. The essential ingredient that polarizes us into a negative contractive entity. It is from this same brew that karma is born directing and attracting physical maladies. This process happens right under our nose, yet totally unbeknownst to our conscious mind.

In contrast, anyone who has ever done any kind of volunteer or goodwill work can attest to the magical healing power found within the investment of oneself in service of a noble cause that DOES NOT infringe on the free will of another. I emphasize “does not,” for there are many who take the position that they are do-gooders when in reality they sustain deeply rooted agendas that point to the contrary. Such is the case in the many branches of most governments with the goal off setting a climate of separation between the elite and the populous.

Examining your nature may result into a profound life change and a shift in philosophy. It may behoove you to learn that the universe does not discriminate nor judge which way you choose to polarize. However, it extensively favors the orientation towards light and love as the foundation to all of creation. Thus, if your tendency is to positive polarity, then expansion will be the gifts you find in the cupboard of your soul. The effects are far reaching. “What happens in the heart populates the universe.”

Next time you want to pout in your corner and push others aside as if they don’t exist, think about what’s within your control to change. You are the chooser of both your reaction and the energy you project. In every contemplation we are called upon to be brave.


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