Sadeta Allic Bosnia / Boise visited Braco. Reader her miraculous story.

This is Sadeta Allic born in Bosnia; her family moved to Germany because of the conflict in her country and then to to USA.  Sadeta has lived here in Boise for 15 years with her three children and husband. Sadeta is the owner of Allic Car Dealership on Fairview Ave. in Boise.. Two years ago she and her husband went to Portland to see Braco. She didnot know Braco but just had a feeling she should go.

Sadeta had just spent over an entire year very sick and in and out of the ER and hospital stays over 20 times because of

a heart condition which doctors found it very difficult to diagnosed and never cured.  
After going to see Braco 2011 she has never returned to the hospital for 
this condition again. Since her first session with Braco ; Sadeta has gone to see Braco 4-5 times in person; watch dvd’s many times, and done 
hundreds of live-streaming videos. She believes Braco has changed her life.
Sadeta Allic will be at the Braco Boise Event on October 26 & 27th  She will tell her story and share with everyone her BRACO MIRACLE!   October 26 free meetup and
Sadeta visited me at Spirit at Work Sanctuary today.She has volunteered  her brand new Mercedes SUV to be available and to be the official  Braco Driver 
.She also speaks Braco native language; Croatia.
Braco in Boise Event will have a full inventory of Braco DVD’s, Books and Braco excflusive designed Sun Jewelry,

Great NEWS..just hit the front page the  Google search engine today! Our site is only 2 weeks old, good job Dr. Bunch on your SEO and work. 
Our new website is just two weeks old. Already today there are over  5300 readers and we’ve reached the top of Google Searches for several word terms: good job Dr. Charles Bunch on website, seo, and social media work.

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