Michelle Kwan, Vancouver Teen, Records Amazing ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ Cover (VIDEO)

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Good News – The Huffington Post
Michelle Kwan, Vancouver Teen, Records Amazing ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ Cover (VIDEO)
YouTube videos of unknown musicians covering classic songs is nothing new. In fact, it’s kind of old. But Vancouver’s Michelle Kwan really knocks it out of the park with her version of Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses.

Kwan (no, not the figure skater) is a Vancouver teenager who has been playing the gezhou, a Chinese instrument with 18 or more strings, for over 12 years.

After spending numerous years playing classical music, I decided to venture out and use the guzheng to play other genres,” Kwan writes on her YouTube profile. “I’ve also been experimenting using guitar pedals (distortion, delay, wah, chorus, etc.) on the guzheng.”

The combination of musicianship and experimentation results in a very cool sound. Her amazing Guns N’ Roses cover alone, has received over 45,000 views since it was posted on Sept. 21.

Green – The Huffington Post
Send Us Your Government Shutdown Photos And Videos
With the federal government grinding to a halt due to the shutdown, it’s an unusual time around Washington and the rest of the country. We’d like you, our HuffPost readers, to help document all corners of this shutdown.

Is the national park or monument in your area shuttered? Did you get shut out of a Smithsonian museum? Please take a picture and share it with us. Are you a furloughed federal worker? Please share a photo with us of what you’re up to.

Here’s how you can share your photos (and videos or Vines) with us:
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HuffPost will include your submissions in a gallery we’ll below and may use the photos for other stories. We’ll credit you by name unless you’d prefer otherwise.


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