Braco spiritualist featured at Huffington Post

Internationally known gazer spiritualist comes to Boise in October
For more information:
Midge Woods, 208-484-8124
Braco, an internationally-known spiritualist, will be coming to Boise October 26 and 27.
Spirit at Work Events, which has brought a number of prominent spiritualists and inspirational speakers to Idaho, has arranged for Braco to visit as part of his tour of the United States. More than 9,000 people attended a Braco session in New Zealand in July and his European venues attract even larger audiences. Braco will be present for nine sessions between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Saturday, October 26 and Sunday, October 27 at the Boise Hotel and Conference Center, 3300 S. Vista Ave.
Braco (pronounced Brah-tzo) is a “gazer,” or someone who promotes spiritual growth, revelation and change by locking eyes with people for up to ten minutes at a time, either individually or in groups. Gazing, either at an object or into the eyes, has a long tradition in meditative practices, such as Buddhism and yoga. Braco rarely speaks and few of his followers have ever heard him utter a word.
According to Midge Woods, owner of Spirit at Work Events, speech is only one way of communicating, and sometimes not the best way.
“Brazo has the gift of connecting with a person’s consciousness and spirit simply by gazing,” Woods said. “Many people report their lives have changed and their perspective of reality and consciousness has shifted as a result of a session with Braco.”
A recent Huffington Post article discusses Braco at Tickets are $8 per 35-minute session and available at or at the event.. Local news media are welcome to come to the event.

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