Vermont Leaves Have Their Very Own Leaf Forecaster

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Vermont Leaves Have Their Very Own Leaf Forecaster
From Mother Nature Network’s John Platt:

His name is Mike Snyder and he has a very important job. Every year, he helps to predict when the trees in heavily forested Vermont will hit their peak levels of glorious red and yellow. Officially he’s the state’s commissioner of forests, parks, and recreation, but unofficially he’s the Vermont leaf forecaster, a job that helps drive about $460 million in annual tourism revenue as “leafers” descend on the state, cameras and wallets in hand.

NPR recently took a drive with Snyder, traveling some back roads in his green pickup truck, looking for signs of developing color. “See that hillside across the way out there,” he asked Vermont Public Radio’s Charlotte Albright. “It’s kind of rimmed by spruce and pine … and then this pocket of orange that’s developing, that’s very dense, looks like a very dense sugar maple stand that is turning nicely in kind of an early phase, in kind of a muted, more of a russet tone to it.”

Every day Snyder’s observations make their way onto Foliage Vermont, a website that features reports from around the state, color maps, photos, video and links to driving and bike tours, foliage festivals and places to stay. As he wrote on Sept. 26, the foliage is already at its peak in northeastern Vermont, but the colors are muted because there are too many clouds. Comments from others say the colors are becoming brilliant on the eastern side of the state while Windsor County to the west is just starting to see its leaves turn.

Vermont’s site isn’t the only place you can go to get reports on fall colors. The U.S. Forest Service runs a website covering fall foliage for the entire country. You can search the site by state or even by specific forests (for example, Vermont’s Green Mountain National Forest). Each report comes with a local map of the colors as well as travel tips and forecasts. The service also offers a fall colors phone hotline: just call 800-354-4595 for audio updates on which areas and types of trees are at their peak.

“America’s public lands, particularly our national forests, are among the most spectacular venues to view the changes in fall colors,” said U.S. Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell said in a press release earlier this month.

The forest service says fall tourism is worth $8 billion every year in New England alone. Tourism Commissioner Megan Smith told NPR that this is one of the reasons why the state runs its own site, so they can better compete with other New England states for those valuable visitor dollars. “I’d like to say that money falls from trees at this time of year,” she said.

Don Lemon Makes Health Pledge After Government Shutdown
CNN host Don Lemon hammered the GOP over the government shutdown on Tuesday, and asked viewers to join him in a health regimen as a means of protest.

The government shut down at midnight on Tuesday after Congress failed to reach a spending agreement.

“I am so mad this morning,” Lemon said on Tom Joyner’s radio show. “As I’ve been watching lawmakers over the last few weeks debate the issues that led to the shutdown–you know what that is, health care–I felt helpless and I felt betrayed to say the least… One, because of the false narrative that both sides caused this shutdown. That’s not true. It was caused by Republicans, mainly Tea Party Republicans.”

He lamented the intricacies and unfairness of the country’s health care system, and said the best way to avoid it altogether was to live a healthful lifestyle.

“Today, I am making a pledge to myself and to you, and I hope you join me, to do whatever is in your control, big or small, to make your health, your life better,” Lemon said. His 30-day pledge includes eating better, getting a check-up, exercising and cutting out soda and juice as well as alcohol.

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