Autumn Leaves Galore! 10 Spots For For Adventurous Fall Picture Takers (PHOTOS)

Green – The Huffington Post
Autumn Leaves Galore! 10 Spots For For Adventurous Fall Picture Takers (PHOTOS)
Fall’s tells are plentiful. There are the shorter days, crisper air and the expanded gourd selection in supermarkets. Suddenly squash becomes chefs’ go-to side dish and on the sweeter side, everything from bagels to lattes becomes pumpkin-flavoured.

But nothing is more emblematic of autumn’s embrace than peeping foliage ablaze in a rich palette of reds, oranges and yellows. Leaf looky-loos plan vacays around to-die-for scenic hikes, horseback gallops, and hot air balloon rides to drink in nature’s dazzling seasonal pageantry. There are better ways to view fall’s changing leaves from beyond the windshield of your car. These are just some of travel’s more tantalizing ways to get your foliage fix.

Eating Roadkill Legalized In Montana

There’s something new on the menu in Montana and it comes fresh from the local Interstate. Eating roadkill is now legal in the U.S. state, under a new law that takes effect Tuesday.

Some residents there said the potentially good meal should not go to waste, even if the animal came to what some would consider an unseemly end. 

As It Happens host Carol Off spoke to Alex Rich, an avid hunter from Bozeman, Mont. 

"Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to be out there driving around looking for a deer to hit," said Rich. "But I don’t think there’s anything ethically wrong with picking up an animal that’s been struck by a vehicle."

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