The Day of the Dead in Boise Idaho: Eyes of the World

Wow, I just checked out the site changes at Eyes of the World and had to post this because I’m a great fan of Day of the Dead things. I love the graphics for this.  Dr. Charles Bunch

Day Of The Dead comes once a year…
also know as
 Dia de los Muertos
(November 1 and 2),

Originating in Mexico as a day to celebrate and honor loved ones who have passed, Day Of The Dead, is now celebrated in many other countries around the world.  Traditionally, alters are created and special foods are prepared in honor of those who have departed. On this day in Mexico, the streets and cemeteries are filled with lavish floral decorations, photos, memorabilia, statues, skulls, and colorful parades with costumes, masks, music and painted faces.  

Just Arrived ~ 
Day Of The Dead Style masks ~ in many styles, sizes and shapes. Handpainted, they are perfect for wearing to your special celebration or are often  used as wall decor!
Handpainted Kitty Sugar Skull Masks ~                     for kids or adults! ~Staff Favorite!
Authentic Skull masks are great for the ultimate Day Of The Dead costume!  Handpainted, some are extra large in size ~ hang ’em up for party decor as well!
Enameled Day Of The Dead Skull Earrings &

Necklaces are a cool gift for ALL ages!

Day of the Dead Clocks with beautiful floral designs are new and only a few in stock.
And ~ Light up Skull wall plaques~ in yellow~white and black colors.    Great party decor!  
Colorful Sugar Skull shaped boxes ~ banks ~ earring displays ~ mugs & incense burners! Fun bright colors to choose from!
The sugar style may be too sweet & flashy for you… so we have authentic skull head     statues ~ boxes ~ dishes and incense burners that look more real.             Don’t be caught alone in the room with these! 
1576 W. Grove St. Boise ID 83702

The ‘Big Red Building’ in the Linen District

(208) 331-1212


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