Glass Shape, Color Can Influence How Much Wine You Pour: Study

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Glass Shape, Color Can Influence How Much Wine You Pour: Study
Need to make your moderate alcohol consumption a little more, well, moderate? Then maybe you should take into account the shape or color of your wine glass.

In a small new study, researchers from Iowa State and Cornell universities found that people tend to unintentionally pour more wine into their glasses if the glasses are wider. They also tend to over-pour when they’re holding the glasses in their hands, and when the glassware doesn’t match the color of the wine.

“People have trouble assessing volumes,” study researcher Laura Smarandescu, an assistant professor of marketing at Iowa State, explained in a statement. “They tend to focus more on the vertical than the horizontal measures. That’s why people tend to drink less when they drink from a narrow glass, because they think they’re drinking more.”

The study, published in the journal Substance Use and Misuse, included 73 study participants who drank at least a glass of wine each week. All the study participants were instructed to pour themselves a glass of wine at different stations the researchers had set up.

Researchers manipulated various environmental factors to see how they affected the amount of alcohol poured into the glasses. For instance, researchers purposely set up a station with a small place setting and a station with a large place setting, to see if anticipation of a meal affected the amount of alcohol poured into the glass. Researchers also had participants pour the wine into a glass on a table, or into a glass they were themselves holding. They also had participants pour wine into large, standard or wide glasses, as well as red whine into a clear glass or white wine into a clear glass.

Indeed, certain cues led to more wine being poured into the glasses. A wider glass was linked with 11.9 percent more wine being poured, holding the glass was linked with 12.2 percent more wine being poured, and high color contrast between wine and glass (red wine in a clear glass) was linked with 9.2 percent more wine being poured.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, a standard drink is considered 5 fluid ounces of table wine, 3 to 4 ounces of fortified wine (like port or sherry), 12 fluid ounces of regular beer or 8 to 9 fluid ounces of malt liquor.

Moderate drinking for women means having no more than one alcoholic beverage a day for women, and no more than two for men, according to government guidelines. Moderate drinking has been linked with some health benefits, but keep in mind that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to a number of ills, including chronic liver disease, alcohol abuse or dependence, injuries and even cancer.

‘Body Image After Breast Cancer’ Video Proves That Femininity Truly Comes From Within
We often think of breasts as being inextricably linked to a woman’s femininity — but what about women who don’t have them, such as breast cancer patients who undergo mastectomies?

In a new video produced by UK charity Breast Cancer Care, three women who have had their breasts removed share their feelings about their bodies, self-esteem and femininity post-surgery, and take part in a photoshoot to showcase their scars.

“I have scars,” one participant says. “But that doesn’t take away from the person that I am, the person that I have always been and the person that I will always be. This is my body and this is me. And I’m okay with it.”

Jackie Morgan MacDougall echoes these sentiments in an October 2012 blog for The Huffington Post:

I remember being asked shortly after my double mastectomy, “How does it feel losing everything that makes you a woman?” Funny, I didn’t know I had. My breasts didn’t define me before they were removed. My breasts don’t define me now. But every scar and imperfection does serve as a daily reminder of the strong, unstoppable force I am; ready, willing and able to do whatever it takes for the people I love. If that doesn’t make me a woman, I don’t know what does.

Watch the full video above, and head over to the Breast Cancer Care website to learn more about the charity’s mission.

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10 Cases Of Liver Failure Linked To Dietary Supplements In Hawaii
Ten young, seemingly-healthy people have been admitted into Hawaii hospitals in the last five months for varying degrees of liver inflammation and failure, and they only have one thing in common: They all took a certain dietary supplement for weight loss and/or muscle growth.

Yesterday, the Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) announced an investigation into what could be causing the hospitalizations, some of which are “extremely severe” and even require liver transplants, according to State Epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Park.

The only common finding among all cases … is the use of a dietary or nutritional supplement for the purpose of weight loss and/or muscle gain in the past six months,” the DOH stated in a press release yesterday.

Representatives from the Department of Health are not releasing information as to what supplement the patients were taking or what ingredient could be at fault. According to KHON, the DOH cautions that a number of factors could be at fault: a bad batch of the supplement, a particular toxic ingredient, or the supplement as a whole.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration are participating in the investigation.

In 2009, the FDA recalled 14 products made by the diet supplement manufacturer Hydroxycut after the product was linked to at least 23 cases of severe liver damage and the death of a teenage boy.

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CU-Boulder Students Help Residents Clean Up After The Colorado Floods
Students at the University of Colorado Boulder have a lot of heart.

Almost 200 students at CU-Boulder came together for the university’s Volunteer Resource Center’s September Give-a-Day effort last week to help residents in the local community clear away the mud and debris from their homes.

In Boulder, the damage caused by the floods has been assessed to be almost $49 million and likely to rise. In the flood-damaged communities across the state, that number is estimated to be over $2 billion.

But the students — thousands of whom come from out-of-state or abroad and many who are locals — have been focused on helping however they can.

“Boulder gives so much to CU, and we just want to give back,” said a student who pitched in with the Volunteer Resource Center after the floods hit.

The CU Volunteer Resource Center has been on Twitter canvassing volunteers:

@CUBoulder canvassing volunteers! Orientation @ 10am in UMC 247! Going into the communities affected by the #boulderflood! @BoulderFlood

— CU Volunteer Center (@CUVRC) September 25, 2013

And the CU Athletics Department has even chipped in with athletes, coaches and administrators serving meals to Boulder flood victims rather than playing the Fresno State game they had originally been anticipating.

“It’s great to see the other student-athletes out helping too and doing whatever they can, whether it’s helping people move out of flooded basements or digging out cars, or whatever else needs to be done,” said CU basketball guard Beau Gamble.

But all this help hasn’t meant that some students didn’t need help themselves too.

CU spokesman Bronson Hilliard has said that about 130 students have asked for help replacing ruined books and even finding a new place to live.

“These are kids who live off campus and suffered some kind of property damage from the flood,” Hilliard said. “They’ve been coming to us and we’ve sort of been documenting their financial needs, and they’re pretty substantial.”

The flood even changed up the Greek community’s Rush Week, with the university’s Interfraternity Council collecting $2 from each fraternity member and matching each contribution with an extra $1 to donate.

The proceeds totaled about $3,500 and went to the Ron Stump Emergency Fund to help other students.

How you can help:

Donate to the Ron Stump Emergency Fund

The CU-Boulder Disaster Recovery Fund

Go to Help Colorado Now

Donate to the Colorado Farm Bureau Disaster Fund

Donate to the American Red Cross

These 7 Awesome Feel-Good Movies Are About To Make Your Weekend
Whether it’s rainy outside and you’re snuggled up watching a DVD, or it’s hours on a long flight that you’re trying to pass, nothing beats a feel-good movie. We’re talking films that make us cry every time we watch them, even if it’s for the 37th time, scenes we used to act out as kids and stories we fantasized would happen to us.

Harvard Battles Princeton In Nerdiness With Tweet That’ll Totally Go Over Your Head
Princeton and Harvard are used to duking it out in search of the top slot in college rankings. On Friday, that battled carried over to Twitter.

Princeton sent out a tweet with a mathematical equation promoting TrueShelf, a website run by computer science professor Shiva Kintali. Harvard was quick to shoot back:


— Harvard University (@Harvard) September 27, 2013

But Princeton appeared to have a good attitude about it. Retweeting Harvard and sending back:

@Harvard Always show your work, right? Have a great weekend.

— Princeton University (@Princeton) September 27, 2013

How ya like ‘dem apples?

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Why I Wish I Could Be a Climate Change Skeptic
Sometimes I wish I could be a climate skeptic. It would be such a relief to remain optimistic about the future of the world — despite all the evidence to the contrary.

On Friday the world’s top scientists released their latest gloomy assessment of global warming and the message was clear: we need to find a way to stop burning fossil fuels or risk imperilling the planet.

“Each of the last three decades has been successively warmer at the Earth’s surface than any preceding decade since 1850. In the Northern Hemisphere, 1983-2012 was likely the warmest 30-year period of the last 1,400 years,” according to the fifth assessment report from the U.N.-appointed, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. (You can read the top 10 findings of the climate report here.)

But this won’t deter climate science deniers. Their outlook will remain determinedly sunny. They cling to the facts that suit their purpose (the world stopped warming in 1998!) and ignore all the horrific details that undermine their entire hypothesis.

Truth be told I don’t want to “believe” in climate change either. I do, however, believe in climate scientists who spend years toiling at their craft and subject their findings to a rigorous peer review process. So in the end I have to “accept” climate change — the evidence is overwhelming.

Again from the IPCC report:

Human influence on the climate system is clear. This is evident from the increasing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, positive radiative forcing, observed warming, and understanding of the climate system.

How can you get around such a gloomy and unequivocal statement? Well climate skeptics can. If you look at a chart of earth temperatures from the 1800s it ascends like a jagged ascending staircase, or even like a graph of some hot company on the stock market. The trend is upward but of course there are highs and lows.

But when climate skeptics look at the earth temperatures, they only see 1998, when temperatures hit a high. Scientists say the peak could be but a momentary pause and many believe the extra warming is being absorbed by the seas. The skeptic says, “yippee global warming is over!” and even believe it could signal a new ice age. These ideas are not supported by any credible sources.

Here is a headline from London’s Daily Mirror, which has been in the forefront of climate denial: “UN scientists reveal the world’s barely got any hotter in the last 15 years — but say they are now 95 per cent certain man is to blame for global warming.”

In the words of Simon and Garfunkel: “All lies and jest. Still a man hears what he wants to hear. And disregards the rest.”

Unfortunately, I can’t disregard the rest. Can you?

I will give the last word to the European Union’s climate change office which issued a challenge today after the release of the IPCC report: :

“What would you do if your doctor was 95 per cent sure you had a serious illness? And what if it wasn’t just one doctor, but hundreds of the world’s leading doctors? Would you just ignore them and continue business as usual or would you start looking for a cure? It’s just common sense. The same logic applies to climate science.”

Dead Fish From Molasses Spill Will Be Turned Into Fertilizer
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and when it gives you 26,000 dead fish, make fertilizer.

The fish victims of the Honolulu Harbor molasses spill are getting a second life as fertilizer for local farmers on multiple Hawaiian islands, according to KITV.

The fish had originally been frozen and kept as evidence for the multiple investigations regarding the spill. When the carcasses were no longer needed, the Hawaii Department of Health contacted Island Commodities, a meat and fish scrap processing plant on Oahu.

The plant cooks the fish to produce a fuel that is then turned into fertilizer. John Tsukada of lsland Commodities told KITV that the fertilizer will likely be sold to ginger farmers on Kauai, banana and papaya farmers on Hawaii Island and local farmers on Oahu as well.

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You Have 60 Hours Worth Of Weekend. Here’s How To Make The Most Of It.
Want to make the most of your weekend? If this is the weekend you don’t want to let slip between your fingers, there are several steps you can take to make it count. How? According to Fast Company’s Laura Vanderkam, you can start by saving your chores for another date. Other tips? Get some exercise and leaving room in your schedule for beautiful spontaneity. Here’s what else to do to milk those hours for all they’re worth:

weekend yall

Image courtesy of American Express’ Tumblr, a resource that creates and curates content to inspire, motivate and advise people on a range of subjects–covering health/wellness, personal finance, DIY and the new definition of success. This specific Tumblr post was inspired by Laura Vanderkam via Fast Company.

#alkalinity #alkalinitymovement #7.2 #sevenpointtwo


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