Jails Go Vegetarian In Maricope County, Arizona (VIDEO)

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Jails Go Vegetarian In Maricope County, Arizona (VIDEO)
A jail going vegetarian almost sounds like a progressive move — perhaps the Meatless Mondays folks have made a strong impression?

But no, Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s decision to serve no meat at the Maricopa County jails in Arizona is not motivated by health, environment or religious concerns. It is merely a cost-saving measure. Meat is being replaced by soy, reports FOX 10 in Arizona.

When FOX reporter Troy Hayden asks Arpaio if the “slop” looked appetizing, Arpaio responded that it looks great. “You’re kidding, right,” Hayden asked.

Arpaio claims that replacing meat with soy will save $100,000. “It looks like wood chips,” said Hayden. After a taste, Arpaio claimed he still thinks its good. Hayden begged to differ.

Arpaio previously made headlines for trying to cut food costs in a different way — by charging inmates for their meals.

Beautiful salads and fresh vegetables these meals are not, and by the looks of those woodchips that soy product, prison meals still have a long way to go.

Blair Lekstrom Hired: Former B.C. Minister Takes Job With HD Mining

CHETWYND, B.C. – The mining firm once embroiled in a dispute over foreign workers has hired a former political heavyweight to help it build a coal mine in northern B.C.

Blair Lekstrom, the former energy and mines minister in the B.C. Liberal government, has been hired by HD Mining International Ltd.

In letters sent to the District of Chetwynd and the Peace River Regional District, Penggui Yan, the Chairman of HD Mining, said that Lekstrom had agreed to work with the company to help construct the new coal mine.

Yan says in the letters — which were posted on the districts’ websites — that Lekstrom will use his local perspective and experience to help the company engage with the community.

HD Mining has been given approval to extract coal samples from its proposed project near Tumbler Ridge, in northeastern B.C.

Earlier this year, the company won a Federal Court battle over its plans to bring in more than 200 temporary foreign workers from China.

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Mr. Forthright’s Tips On How To Pretend To Work At Work, Work
You could probably get through life just by listening to all of Mr. Forthright’s lessons, but could you get through the workday?

We’ve been told Mr. Forthright’s tips on how to pretend to work at work, work. Though, we wouldn’t know first-hand, because we don’t do any of these things. Ever. Never, ever, never.

Via Mr. Forthright

‘Matrix Puppies’ Will Have You Smiling In Bullet Time
Puppies are cute. Period. Full stop. Don’t even try to argue against this fact.

However, do you know what could possibly make puppies even cuter than they already are naturally? Setting up 52 GoPro cameras in a park so that you can capture and show them jumping and playing in — wait for it — bullet time!

That’s right. Watch “The Matrix”-style, animal antics on slow-motion display in this very fun and furry new video from Devin Graham (aka devinsupertramp) below that got us so excited, we simply had to make the above GIF in honor of it.

Family ‘Plays Dead’ To Escape Harm During Deadly Kenya Mall Siege (PHOTO)
Despite her terror, a mother is said to have shown great presence of mind in protecting herself and her two children during the deadly siege at a Kenyan shopping mall this week.

As chaos erupted in Nairobi’s Westgate Mall Saturday after a group of gunmen, reportedly armed with assault rifles and grenades, charged into the building and opened fire on shoppers, an unidentified woman is believed to have told her two young children to “play dead” in an attempt to escape harm.

kenya mall family

The photograph of the trio, lying prostrate on the ground, a shopping bag by their side, captures the sheer horror of that fateful afternoon. (Photo Credit: KHABIR DHANJI/LANDOV)

On Tuesday, NBC Nightly News released footage that shows survivors of the mall attack escaping the building after the initial attack. Among the people caught on camera is the brave family, being ushered to safety by a man who is said to be a plainclothes officer.

After several days of crisis, Kenyan officials announced Tuesday that the military had regained control of Westgate from the gunmen, believed to be al-Shabab militants. Announcing the end of the siege, the country’s president Uhuru Kenyatta said that the terrorists had been “ashamed and defeated.”

“I am humbled and thank you all for your patience in the anxious moments where we waited for this nightmare to end,” he said in an address to his countrymen, according to the Agence France-Presse. “There is literally no limit to your patriotic sacrifice.”

More than 60 civilians reportedly died in the attack. BBC News says the death toll is expected to rise as the mall is cleared of debris.

Watch NBC’s video of survivors escaping Westgate Mall here:

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Actor Gary Sinise Donates Nearly $60,000 To Colorado Firefighters
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Actor Gary Sinise (suh-NEES’), well-known for his role as Lieutenant Dan in the movie “Forrest Gump,” has made a large donation to help first responders who rescued people and fought the most destructive wildfire in Colorado history.

Black Forest Fire Chief Bob Harvey choked back tears Tuesday while accepting the nearly $60,000 check he says his department desperately needs. KKTV-TV reports (http://tinyurl.com/qhqd4u4) the largely volunteer fire department this summer lost many expensive pieces of equipment, including radios and fire hoses, while battling Black Forest Fire northeast of Colorado Springs . Those will all be replaced.

The money comes from the Gary Sinise Foundation. Sinise sent a video message saying he was happy to help out.

The fire in June killed two people, burned about 22 square miles and destroyed more than 480 homes. The cause is still being investigated.


Information from: KKTV-TV, http://www.kktv.com/

‘Shark Cat’ Is The Most Important Song To Hit The Internet
The geniuses over at Animal Songs gave the infamous Shark Cat his very own tune and it’s pretty amazing. Now we’re just waiting for a Shark Cat-Wrecking Ball video…

Via Tastefully Offensive

Daredevil Mich Kemeter Achieves World-Record Slackline Crossing
Watch 25-year-old extreme sports athlete Mich Kemeter set the world record for the longest slacklining, or “waterlining,” walk as he tiptoes 820 feet above the Green Lake in Tragoess, Austria. For 20 days, Kemeter attempted to break the record with no success, but after several falls he completed the impressive walk across the slackline in 19 minutes.

Kemeter climbs, slacklines and base jumps all over the world, and set the previous slackline record at 728 feet in the same location last year. He hopes to keep pushing the boundaries to walk an even longer line soon.

Via Barcroft TV

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Teeki Yoga Pants Are Made Entirely From Recycled Water Bottles
We nearly fell out of our tree pose when we found out these ultra-adorable and totally comfortable Teeki yoga pants are made entirely from recycled bottles — literally, about 25 water bottles go into each pair. The bottles are stripped of caps and labels, washed, crushed, and chopped before being melted into pellets and changed into fiber. The fiber is then stretched and baled into fabric and turned into these insanely cool pants. Add to all that that the process is done entirely in Los Angeles (making them even more eco-friendly!) and we think we’re in love.

teeki pants




More eco-friendly fashion:

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Need an Attitude Adjustment? Here’s How to Get One
One day you wake up feeling irritated by everyone, focused on “what’s wrong” in your life, or just plain apathetic to all of it. This cranky disposition just crept up on you. You may stay in this mood for awhile, but finally you say to yourself, “I hate feeling this way! This is not who I am. I need an attitude adjustment!”

Consider for a moment the possibility that you didn’t just fall into your bad mood based on a single event, but that you very gradually became immersed in a lack of happy thoughts due to an absorption of negative energy from the people around you. Perhaps a coworker made an unflattering remark to you the other day, and you’ve been trying to think of a comeback ever since. Maybe a friend called four times in the past week to vent about how her husband is a jerk and her kids don’t appreciate her and trying to be a good friend, you make her feel better by listening to every sordid detail and recalling examples in your own life when loved ones had been insensitive to you as well. The effects of these incidents may not be immediately noticeable, but each one builds upon the one before it, until they attach to you and take hold.

What this means from an energetic point of view is that little by little, your vibration has continually headed lower. It is so subtle sometimes that you don’t even realize it until it’s too late and has affected your attitude in a big way. Your thoughts increasingly grow overly negative from day to day, gaining momentum, until finally you’ve had enough! As far as you’re concerned, you are unloved and unappreciated, and no one is going to convince you any differently!

So what do we do when we realize we are the guest of honor at our own pity party? Here are three tried-and-true solutions to help you begin feeling like your cheery self again:

1) The Happiness Catalogue:

The Happiness Catalogue is where you write down all of the things you enjoy. For instance, you may list: playing your guitar (which you haven’t made time to do in years); taking a bubble bath, going out to the movies; taking your dog for a long walk while the sun shines brightly on your face; or how about baking cookies; putting together a puzzle on the kitchen table; or dancing around the house to your favorite tunes. Maybe you love flowers — go to the market and buy your special kind and just stare at them all day if you want. After all, this idea is akin to looking through a seed catalogue, full of a variety of beautiful, colorful options that are perfect just for you.

Personal happiness can only come from the experience of joy. No no one can do it for you; it has to come from feeling good on the inside. An imbalance in one’s life — caused by an abundance of negativity and a lack of fun and play — will eventually manifest into a bad attitude that will be a challenge to shake off. Put balance back into your life by doing things that make you smile.

2) Note to Self:

Try this experiment: Sit down and have your “future self” write a letter to your “current self.” Use your imagination and fantasize! The sky’s the limit! Tell your “current self” how amazing life is! The “future you” is having the time of his life! The “current you” doesn’t have to worry about a thing because that coworker who’s always rude to you took a job somewhere else — you now own your own extremely successful business — and your friend, who used to constantly complain to you, has never felt better and has nothing to say but positive things! You are able to live in the moment (which really isn’t so bad) without thinking about the past or the future, because everything totally works out. Your “future self” is loving life, and that is what you have to look forward to! All you need to do is be here now… the future will take care of itself and the past is old news.

3) E-motion Is Energy in Motion:

When energy moves through us, it takes the form of an emotion. When negative energy is trying to move through us, it takes the form of negative emotion. Therefore, if you’ve been exposed to lots of negative energy, your body and mind are going to try to release it as such. This is why an adjustment of your attitude may be in order. Crying is an action that comes out from inside and cleanses the emotions. Some people may see crying as a bad thing, making one even sadder. However, the truth is that we feel much better after a good cry! It actually elevates your vibration by making room for the joy to come in. So play some sad songs and just let it all out!

Take responsibility for your mood and choose not to stay in it. Realize that just as this energy moved into you, it must move out. Try not to be around others when in a bad mood so as not to spread the misery. Accept what it is, let it go, and allow yourself to move forward. The moment you start feeling a little depressed or begin having more and more negative thoughts, do not shrug it off and let it get worse. It’s a slippery slope. The longer you ignore these emotions, the harder it will be to detach from them and live a happy, emotionally healthy life. Nip it in the bud!

If your life is balanced, and you set aside time on a regular basis to have fun and do things that make you feel happy, then no matter what life and other people “throw” at you, it won’t affect you in such a negative way. Everything you encounter will be much, much easier to handle, because your vibration will naturally be higher, and you will not easily attach to the negative energy of others. However, if you wake up one day in a bad mood for “no apparent reason,” you’ll know that you have been neglecting that part of your life that brings you joy. So browse through your Happiness Catalog, make a “note to self,” and know that this too shall pass…

For more by Donna Labermeier, click here.

For more on emotional wellness, click here.

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