Teeki Yoga Pants Are Made Entirely From Recycled Water Bottles

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Teeki Yoga Pants Are Made Entirely From Recycled Water Bottles
We nearly fell out of our tree pose when we found out these ultra-adorable and totally comfortable Teeki yoga pants are made entirely from recycled bottles — literally, about 25 water bottles go into each pair. The bottles are stripped of caps and labels, washed, crushed, and chopped before being melted into pellets and changed into fiber. The fiber is then stretched and baled into fabric and turned into these insanely cool pants. Add to all that that the process is done entirely in Los Angeles (making them even more eco-friendly!) and we think we’re in love.

teeki pants




More eco-friendly fashion:

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Cracking The Code on Residential Solar!
Today my organization SmartPower, in partnership with The Connecticut Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA) released a groundbreaking report on Residential Solar Power. Indeed, as you review “Let’s Solarize” you will understand why we think we may have cracked the code on residential solar.

Over the past several years SmartPower has been working to advance the widespread adoption of residential solar power in the United States. Our goal has been to significantly reduce the cost of solar so that it makes sound financial sense and homeowners no longer have to choose between caring about the environment and caring about their pocketbooks. We also want residential solar to work “in the marketplace” and not be dependent on the political whims of state legislatures, utility commissions and others. Working in partnership with CEFIA we have been running pilot community “Solarize” campaigns to test our program’s model.

The results have been astounding. In only 20 weeks we were able to more than double the amount of solar in these communities than over the previous seven years.

This report reveals a way to reduce the “soft costs” of solar and make residential solar power attractive not just to those who are naturally inclined to alternative energy sources but also to those who simply want to stabilize their energy costs.

Our results include:

In only 20 weeks – and in every Solarize community — the rate of adoption for residential solar installations was between 24 and 64 times greater than the previous seven years. In one town, during this same 20 weeks, installed capacity more than quintupled.

The average Solarize customer saved approximately7500 on their system when compared to current market averages.

More than 2 Megawatts of new solar photovoltaic capacity was deployed across the four communities, close to triple what was installed in those towns during the preceding seven years.

Compelling drops were realized in customer acquisition costs – with “all in” costs of approximately135 per kilowatt (kW), which is significantly less than both the industry average of670/kW (per U.S. Department of Energy analyses and local installers’ estimates of250-500/kW).

About 20% of those choosing solar under this model had never thought about acquiring solar power before.

To say this least, this is an exciting program. We are continuing to implement Solarize programs, and are now testing new variations of the model in conjunction with Yale University and New York University through a grant from the Department of Energy. We look forward to sharing those results with you as they become available.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. You can also learn more about the program by visiting www.solarizect.com or http://www.smartpower.org.http://www.smartpower.org

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Chefs Rock Serious Weight Loss For American Cancer Society (PHOTOS)
It’s hard enough for regular folk to lose weight, but can you imagine sticking to a diet amidst the temptations of a restaurant kitchen?

A group of Washington, D.C-based chefs (and one sommelier) did just that as part of the 12-week “Fit for Hope” challenge to promote the American Cancer Society’s Taste of Hope event.

Two participants tied for first place: Pizzeria Orso’s executive chef Will Artley, who dropped a whopping 65 pounds, and Restaurant Eve sommelier Todd Thrasher, who lost 45.9. Both dropped about 20 percent of their original body weight. “Top Chef” star Mike Isabella also held his own, shaving 36.5 pounds off his frame, and chef RJ Cooper of Rogue 24 also lost 42 pounds.

“I feel like a different person,” Artley told Washingtonian magazine. He attributes his weight loss to three-a-day workouts, leaving the restaurant at a reasonable time and not denying himself the occasional treat. “It was all about balancing,” he said. “I wasn’t getting rid of things I liked in my life.”

Take a look at 10 of the most impressive “Fit for Hope” weight loss transformations below. Great work, everyone!

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