Mindfulness therapy might help veterans with combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder

Mindfulness therapy might help veterans with combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder
A new study shows that veterans with PTSD who completed a mindfulness-based group treatment plan showed a significant reduction in symptoms as compared to patients who underwent treatment as normal.

Asians are far more likely than Anglos to be college-educated
Asians (about 60 percent) are much more likely to be college-educated than Anglos (under 40 percent), according to the Houston Area Asian Survey.

Meditation may reduce death, heart attack and stroke in heart patients
Twice-a-day Transcendental Meditation helped African Americans with heart disease reduce risk of death, heart attack and stroke. Meditation helped patients lower their blood pressure, stress and anger compared with patients who attended a health education class. Regular Transcendental Meditation may improve long-term heart health.

New evidence shows link between childhood trauma and psychotic experiences
Researchers in Ireland have demonstrated that exposure to childhood trauma (physical assault and bullying) is linked to psychotic experiences, (such as hearing voices), and in turn the cessation of traumatic experiences led to a significant reduction in the incidence of psychotic experiences.

Christianity influences meat taboos in Amazon
The introduction of Christianity has changed the hunting habits of indigenous people in the Amazon. While some new practices could benefit animals, others could put populations at risk.

Faith in God positively influences treatment for individuals with psychiatric illness
Belief in God may significantly improve the outcome of those receiving short-term treatment for psychiatric illness, according to a recent study.

‘First time’ may predict lifelong sexual satisfaction
The first sexual experience can set the tone for the rest of one’s sexual life, according to new research.

Better living through mindfulness
Results of a new study suggest that mindfulness — awareness of the present moment — may be linked to self-regulation throughout the day, and this may be an important contributor to better emotional and physical well-being.


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