Do Me A Favor And Save A Life

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Do Me A Favor And Save A Life
I think I’ve figured out my retirement: I’m going to be one of those people who rescues abandoned dogs and then makes you feel guilty if you aren’t one of us.

Today I woke up to this on Facebook and I have to admit, I’m struggling trying to shake it off. By the time you read it, it’s likely that all 28 of these pretty kitties will have been put to sleep.

In a brilliant move that shows a keen understanding of the core principles of both Catholic and Jewish guilt, a New York City shelter posted photos of every cat it intended to euthanize that day. It worked on me (see my FB share and comment) and I am hoping it worked on others — specifically 28 others in the greater Manhattan area.

I have two rescue dogs at home, and both the two before them and the two before those were also from shelters or rescue groups. I have never bought a dog from a breeder or pet shop. My husband says he knows when I’m scratching the rescue itch because I start checking on my iPad every night. I call him over to look at the sweet faces and tell him the stories behind why they all look so sad now.

Frankly, people who abandon their pets sicken me. In some ways, they are worse than people who abandon kids because if you abandon your kid, we arrest you and if you abandon your 12 year old dog, we bite our tongues and let you believe you are still a nice person. You are not. Sometimes, dog rescuers tell me, people turning in their pets think it’s an act of generosity when they donate the unused open bag of dog food too. Let me just say, I don’t think you are a nice person — not even when you throw in the dog food as part of the deal to ease your conscience.

Rescuers tell me that the people who they really can’t stand are the ones who move away and just leave the dog tied up in the yard with no food or water, or trapped in the abandoned house. Despite words of Facebook wisdom, I’m just not prepared to forgive them because of the struggles they have that I don’t know about. I hate them, am totally comfortable hating them, and think they should be charged with attempted murder because that’s what they are doing to animals who were loyal and loved them.

I know the recession forced many people from their homes. I know they moved to many places that wouldn’t let them bring their pets. To those landlords who won’t rent to people with pets, I say: May karma catch up with you one day and rip out your heart and feed it to hungry jungle animals. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I’ve got photos of 28 cats stuck in my head.

And while I’m on a tirade here, let me address those of you who can only bring home puppies from breeders. On the way home, please keep this thought in your head: You just killed a shelter dog, possibly one of the same breed you just spent $1,500 on. And if you think shelter dogs all have “issues,” let’s talk after the little puppy chews up your shoes, pees on the rug and keeps pulling on the leash even though you do everything exactly the way the trainer says. Shelters are filled with dogs that people like you couldn’t train.

Shelters are filled with dogs, period. The Humane Society of the U.S. estimates that animal shelters care for 6-8 million dogs and cats every year in the United States, of whom approximately 3-4 million are euthanized. I live in Los Angeles and I actually thought those were the numbers for my city’s shelters alone; it sure seems that way.

When it comes to adopting dogs from shelters, my favorite problem dog is the one people turn in (or refuse to bail out) who keeps getting out of their yard. We adopted two such dogs who were categorized as “escape artists” and everyone up and down the shelter/rescue food chain wanted to know how high our fence was. We don’t have a fence. What we have is a life that involves our dogs so fully that they don’t want to go anywhere; show me an escape artist and I’ll show you a bored dog left alone for hours. What we also have is a trainer who trains us as well as the dog. And we are vigilant — our kids are vigilant too — about not letting an untrained dog off leash, even in our backyard, until we know he won’t go anywhere. It takes a few months before we create Velcro dogs, but even the two escape artists went Velcro on us.

Every one of our rescues came with a few issues. We have had counter-surfers, barkers, fear-nippers, loud noise phobics, one dog with separation anxieties, and another who was food aggressive. We worked on all of them. Are my dogs perfect? They are perfect for us.

And now if I could just know the 28 kitties were saved…

Readers, please tell us about your rescue dog in the comments below.

Earlier on Huff/Post50:

7 Easy Ways To Avoid Looking Older
After 50, life can look pretty rosy. Studies show that those in their 50s are actually happier and less stressed than those in their 20s.

But just because many people feel more positive when they’re over 50 doesn’t mean they actually want to look like they’re over 50.

How we look and how we age is in large part -– about 50 percent -– determined by our genes, meaning there’s only so much you can do to alter your natural course. But everyone can make a few minor changes to keep themselves looking young. And often what you don’t do is as key as what you do do.

We asked our Facebook fans to help us compile a list of things to steer-clear of in order to avoid looking older. Below are the seven most popular responses. Got anything to add? Let us know in comments.

1) A slouchy posture. Good posture not only makes you look healthier, and possibly even younger, but it also helps you ward off pain. Healthy, aligned bones allow you to breathe easier, which frees your organs to function better so that there’s greater circulation throughout your body.

2) Too much makeup. Makeup can enhance beauty, but too much of it can also make you look older. Here are just a few common beauty missteps that might be aging you.

3) Sleeveless tops. Of course you have the right to wear anything you want, but many women feel that — once their arms start moving about like Jello-O pudding — it’s time to give away the sleeveless tops. If you do want to wear one, you might consider wrapping a scarf or stole around your shoulders. Unless, of course, you have upper arms like Michelle Obama. In that case, forget everything we just said.

4) Shorter hair. There are definitely a slew of hot actresses with short hair. But many of our Facebook fans believe short hair on older women just looks, well, old. Even the the hairdresser who has been responsible for the Queen of England’s hair for the past 15 years declared it a big mistake for women in their mid-40s and beyond to have their hair cut short.

5) A monotone hair color. Whether it’s blonde, brown or gray, people say hair that’s all one color makes them look older. Experts say that monotone hair colors don’t work on anyone though, and that if you color your hair at home, you should choose a color that’s a shade lighter than the one you want.

6) Bad bras. Although a French study found that bras provide no benefits to young women, older women with sagging breasts probably need a good bra designed to keep those babies UP there. Experts say a quality bra can make your breasts look the same as they did 20 years ago.

7) Super sensible shoes. Sure, no one wants to see you killing yourself by wandering around in a pair of stilettos. But shoes with thick rubber soles or squarish tips can age even the slickest, trendiest clothing ensemble. A better choice might be wedges or pointy-toed styles that are at least half a size larger than you usually wear so that they don’t restrict your toes.

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