Binge eating curbed by deep brain stimulation in animal model

ScienceDaily: Dieting and Weight Control News
Binge eating curbed by deep brain stimulation in animal model
Deep brain stimulation (DBS) in a precise region of the brain appears to reduce caloric intake and prompt weight loss in obese animal models, according to a new study.

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Little Girl Dancing At Wedding Puts All Of Your Dance Moves To Shame (VIDEO)
Last year, we swore up and down we would never watch another “Gangnam Style” wedding dance ever again. But after stumbling upon this video of an adorable — not to mention talented — little wedding guest busting a move to the Psy anthem, we were more than happy to make an exception. Now, this is how you work a dance floor. Below, more cute kids at weddings.

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Reddit Surfers Discuss The Merits Of Riding A Wave Stoned
There’s nothing like a Reddit thread to confirm a stereotype. Without further ‘ado, surfers discussing the highs and lows of riding a wave stoned.

mickey: “I just get really paranoid about sharks and go in after 10 minutes, which sucks because i love surfing and love being high.”

Clarusdogcow: “On the really big days, I like to smoke and then take out the body board and fins. Just … forget standing up. Go out and feel the wave instead. Slide around a bit.”

rastapasta808: “The feeling of being underwater made me laugh uncontrollably for some awesome reason and the water literally glimmered like sparks were jumping across the waters surface … I remember the sound of the waves tripped me the f**k out because I realized the sound was being generated solely by water crashing on itself.”

Yeahmanforsure: “When it’s nice pleasant surf I’m all about having a cheeky toke beforehand. But yeah, if it’s big angry surf, I definitely prefer to have my reactions over my flow.”

angstamongstthepigeons: “I’m all for it. It’s magical … I’ll never forget sitting on the board out the back, just bobbing gently, look over my left should to see one of my best mates and a rising sun, look over my right shoulder to see a beautiful full rainbow.”

mormonathiest: “Surfed in head high waves when my head was high yesterday. It’s a blast. mega stoke.”

myrrhbeast: “After vaping, I surfed a break on a really small day with two random 12 year olds who couldn’t stop complaining about how bad the waves were. Harshed my mellow for a good ten minutes until I realized I should paddle away to another break.”

surfbrobijan: “When i got high and surfed, you can feel the turns and the board beneath your feet. for me; i gave less sh*t about what people thought and just had flow with the wave. No effort needed to turn, no effort to snap or push or do floaters, it all just happened. people who saw me were like HOLY SH*T dude how the f**k did you get so good?!”

5hark_bait: “I surfed high one time and broke my board. That was the end of that.”

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